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HOTPLATE STIRRERS HEATER TANK  Voir le catalogue agitateur chauffe ballon Techlab


Hotplate Stirrers TL-AC4C


Agitateur chauffant TL-AC4C

• LCD display simultaneously the temperature and the stirring rate
• Independent control of temperature and agitation
• Ceramic heating plate
• Stirring speed from 100 to 1600 r / min
• Adjustable temperature up to 350 C + / - 10%
• Heating power: 600 Watt
• 220V + / - 10%, 50/60Hz
• Plate size 190x190mm



heater tank 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml TL-CM

2 versions with or without agitation
• Electronic temperature regulation
• Manual control of agitation (for TL-CM250A)
• Steel outer casing
• Max. 450 C.

Chauffe ballon 250 ml TL-CM

Rod Stirrer TL-SH26C

• Digital display of speed
• Adjustable speed 100-2500 rev / min
• Max Volume stirring 20 liters
• Stand HEAVY (200x300mm)
• propeller stirring rod
• Bossheads

Agitateur à tige TL-SH26C


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